Can you Spot a Pit Bull?

In many cases, the problem ends up being an issue with misidentification of pit bulls. More and more dog breeds are being associated with pit bulls that do not belong to the same group as them. Many breeds share characteristics of pit bulls which makes it difficult to distinguish them and leads to more bites/attacks being reported under pit bulls when it in reality was a different breed all together.

Try to find the pit within these images:


Cane Corso.jpg



Did you find the pit bull? There actually is not a pit bull pictured above. These are some of the breeds commonly mistaken as pit bulls.

  1. Boxer
  2. Cane Corso
  3. Presa Canario
  4. Boerboel

With it so easy to mistaken another breed with the classic pit bull image, they are typically blamed more often than other dogs who are more easily identified.


If you would like to do more of these types of quizzes to see if you can actually properly identify the pit bull:


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Can you Spot a Pit Bull?

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